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The essence of great photography is to reveal the richness, depth and truth of a subject at a moment in time, captivating the viewers mind to revisit the images over and over again.  Richard Winston's work reveals a level of beauty, purity and richness in a subject that is often devalued within our society.  The male body is beautiful but the richness and beauty of the black males in Richard's photography tells an honest story of power, depth, and glory that only God can make and Richard can capture!  Simply put, his subjects are divine and the body of his work is outstanding!  ~ MEC

For most of my life I have resisted taking photos or being photographed; I believed I did not have one those faces the camera liked—all curves and no angles. As the years rolled by, I promised to at least mark the decades of my life with some photos, but the years rolled by – 40-50 -60. 

Then my mum passed away days before my 70th birthday. Somehow, I knew this was it; I had to see the person I’d grown into. I had this picture in my mind of what I looked like and I knew that somehow that face and body no longer existed. I took the plunge.

When the album arrived, I went through it about 10 times. There were photos I wanted out. They showed my sagging neckline, wrinkles, all those parts of me that I was hiding from. But as I continued to review that album it suddenly dawned on me that although I had changed with time, I was still the same. I began to see the things that didn’t change – the way my face lit up when I smile, the mischievousness that lurked behind my eyes, my strength, my love of life.

I proudly display my album and would not change one picture. I think of the photos as my journey from 17 to 70 and I’ve also realized that I am not all curves and no angles, I’m just me. ~ CW

Professionalism, creativity, artistry at its best.  These are just a few words I would use to describe my interactions with Richard.  Anyone can take a photo but Richard was able to capture my child's essence, her drive and commitment, her warm welcoming personality. In his photos I saw more than just a moment in time, I felt that moment and the many years of success my daughter and I shared.  It was an absolute pleasure having Richard take D's Senior Photos. He is the first and only one I will trust for future occasions. ~ KDS

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