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The following pages contain nudity, and are designed for mature audiences.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Renaissance Reinterpretations.

Art of the Renaissance tradition unabashedly portrayed nude women & men, as exemplified by Michelangelo’s statue of David and paintings by Rubens.  As cultural influences grew stronger, the classic beauty of the human form resulted in discreet covering of anatomical parts that some viewers found too titillating or offensive. Using male subjects, this gallery re-imagines some of the classic poses from the Renaissance era, reinforcing the idea that the male body is worthy of both admiration and validation. People from different cultures and time periods have defined beauty in various ways. This gallery asserts that every man is alluring, remarkable and magnificent and need not apologize for any aspect of his appearance. Without idealizing, the photos celebrate the diversity of the male form in contexts reminiscent of classical art. 

        Written by Ralph Lowrance


The Phallus.

From the womb to the grave, we as men are fascinated by our penis. We guard it like no other organ on our body. Ancient religions engaged in phallic worship. In ancient Egypt, tradition holds that before there was anything, there was Atum, the creator God and main deity of the Egyptian pantheon, who existed by himself. He was surrounded by nothingness, so he decided to put an end to his long solitude and created the world and the rest of the Egyptian gods through masturbation. From his ejaculation emerged the first pair of twin gods, Shu (air god) and Tefnut (moisture goddess). Atum's semen was the origin of the world, and masturbation the act of creation. Gaze, if you will, at the beautiful human phallus. Welcome to my gallery.


The Modern Day Minstrel.

Whether it is writing a book, performing a song, scoring a film, or taking photographs, the arts require commitment, patience and persistence.  Creating is hard work.  It can be frustrating and tedious.  But the end results reward both the creator and the audience. This gallery depicts one man, a 21st century artist, embracing entertainment in its broadest sense and shows him working through the process of making something original – something that will educate, edify and enliven.

        Written by Ralph Lowrance



What makes a man? Although many of us have been conditioned to object to nudity, artists have for centuries appreciated the beauty of the human form, with a primary focus on females. This gallery shifts focus and depicts the male form, capturing its splendor, diversity and appeal. The photos celebrate the male form from a variety of angles, each of which captures one aspect of a man’s physique. Just as no single physical characteristic can tell us what a man looks like as a whole, no one personality trait helps us understand fully who he is. We must dig deeper. By focusing on discrete parts of the body, the photos guide us to that conclusion. What is so striking about the gallery is its simple statement that each man – no matter his age, his ethnicity, his weight, his height – is worthy of acceptance just as he is. Our differences do not obscure our common humanity. That concept is easier to understand when we focus on the physical body, but it applies to every other aspect of what makes a man. This work encourages all men to stand a little taller, to feel a little prouder and to shine a little brighter. 

        Written by Ralph Lowrance


Men of Distinction

Life begins at 40! For quite some time, however, I have been hearing the same refrain: "After a certain age, men are rendered invisible." Social media paints a false picture. So I took the opportunity to change that narrative, ever so slightly. What was once invisible, is now visible again. This page is dedicated to the men over 40. Men who are not afraid to be seen. Celebrating men from all walks of life. 


The Hand of Man.

Hands have the power to convey very interesting stories. Without words. Without sound. Without facial expressions. As I celebrate the beauty of the male physique, I find myself drawn to the hands on some occasions. What stories do you conjure when you see these hands?


The Naturalis Project.

Naturalis - The Latin word for Natural. Free from affectation or constraint. Free from pretension or artificiality. Not treated, altered or disguised. Faithfully representing life or nature. My goal in this, my first project, is to capture the male body at its truest. I believe photography is in my blood. Grandfather, father, brother, uncles, all photographers in their time. I got into photographing male nudes for a couple reasons. I consider the male physique to be one of life's greatest creations. I'm fascinated by the musculature, the power that lay just beneath. Secondly, I look around and I'm hard-pressed to find male nude photography that isn't overtly sexual or pornographic. Yes, we are sexual beings; but is that all that we are? 


Samson Reimagined.

Strong, passionate, flawed. Like me...

Samson was the last of the judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible and one of the last of the leaders before the institution of the monarchy. The biblical account states that Samson was given immense strength to aid him against his enemies. However, if Samson's long hair was cut, then his Nazirite vow would be violated and he would lose his strength.

Samson is remembered for what might have been. This series explores some of his quieter, more contemplative moments.

The Search.

We are all searching for something: Searching for Truth. Searching for God/The Universe (whomever he/she is). Searching for Ourselves. And sometimes that journey may take us to some uncomfortable places. I was inspired to create this series after reading "The Shack" by William P. Young.


Pure. Honest. Beautiful.

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